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Start Searching: Article Databases and Other Search Tools

Research@UWW is a good starting point for finding books, reports, peer-reviewed articles and more; however, you may find more focused results with specific subject databases in education.

Below are some suggested tools to begin your search. Visit A-Z Databases: Education for a complete list of databases available through Andersen Library. 

If you choose to use Google Scholar...

While Google Scholar does not provide the wide variety of search limiters available in other databases, you may find that you are able to locate that elusive article through a Scholar search.

Don't pay for articles from Google Scholar!

If you are working off campus and searching Google Scholar, you may find that Google asks you to pay for many articles. Don't pay! Follow these steps to activate FIND IT at UW Whitewater in Google Scholar. If you are working on campus using UW-W Wi-Fi services, or using UW-W VPN services from off campus, your computer should automatically detect these settings.

How do I set up Google Scholar to link to UW-Whitewater subscriptions?

1. Go to http//

2. Optional: Sign in to your Google account in order to save your preferences for future searches.

3. Select the "more" option, then select the Settings button (the gear icon):

Selecting Settings from the More menu on Google Scholar homepage

4. Click Library Links at the left of the page. Type University of Wisconsin Whitewater in the box and select Search. A checkbox option for UW-Whitewater--Find It @ UWW will appear below your search. Check the box. You may also keep Open WorldCat checked as a connection. Don't forget to click Save.

Showing the Library Links option, the search box for UW Whitewater, and the checkbox to save UW Whitewater as one's school

5. You will now see the Find It at UW-W link on your search results pages in Google Scholar, indicating to what we have subscriptions: 

Showing Google Scholar with the Find It @ UWW link

For some books and resources, the Find It at UW-Whitewater link appears in the >> More menu below the item. The link is called ReQuest it@UW-W:

6. After clicking on Find It or Request It, you may be prompted to log in with yor UW-W NetID and Password to gain access to UW-W resources.

I did all that. Google's still not giving me access to the article. Now what? 

Even if we don't have a subscription to that particular article, request it for FREE via InterLibrary Loan. It takes a few days, but usually the article PDF can be sent to you from another library that subscribes. 

Can I search everything using only Google Scholar?

NO! Google Scholar does not interlink with all UW-W ebooks and articles. We strongly encourage that you search for books, media and more using the library catalog (Research@UWW), or search for specific journal subscriptions using the Journals search. We also recommend that you search individual, subject-specific databases as well as Google Scholar to find the best available sources of information on your topic. 

Search Tips





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Must have ALL words in each result AND  “school choice” AND test*
Must have AT LEAST ONE of the words/phrases in each result OR “school choice” OR vouchers
Grouping terms ( )    ("school vouchers" OR vouchers) AND test*
Excluding terms from results: no item will contain this/these terms in the description NOT

NOT "college students"

NOT ("college students" OR undergraduates)