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How to Use Microsoft Excel: The Basics

Excel Screen Guide

Screenshot of Excel indicating the following: Ribbon, Active Cell, Name Box, Formula Bar, Tabs, Groups

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

F2   Edits active cell
F4   Repeats the last action or command, if possible
F5   Go to a specific cell
F7   Spell check the active worksheet or selected range
F11 Create a chart of the selected data
F12  Save As
CTRL+SHIFT+(  Unhides any hidden rows in the section
CTRL+SHIFT+&  Applies the outline border to the selected cells
CTRL+SHIFT_ Removes the outline border from the selected cells
CTRL+SHIFT+~   Applies the General Number format
CTRL+SHIFT+$                      Applies the Currency format with 2 decimal places
CTRL+SHIFT+%         Applies the Percentage format with no decimal places
CTRL+SHIFT+^ Applies the Scientific Number format with 2 decimal places
CTRL+SHIFT+# Applies the Date format with the day, month, and year
CTRL+SHIFT+@   Applies the time format with hour and minute (AM or PM)
CTRL+B Applies or removes Bold formatting
CTRL+A Select all
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+H Find and replace
CTRL+I Applies or removes Italic formatting
CTRL+K Insert/edit hyperlink
CTRL+U Applies or removes Underlining
CTRL+5 Applies or removes Strikethrough
CTRL+9 Hides selected rows
CTRL+0 Hides selected columns

Books on Excel

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