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English 102: Home

This is a general library guide for English 102 courses

What is This?

This list of resources has been compiled for students in English 102: Introduction to College Writing, Reading, and Research classes. These are not the only resources which can be used for completing projects, but are rather suggested as starting points for your research.

Information Literacy Tutorials

Please take these tutorials in order. You do not have to view both tour tutorials--pick the library location where you spend the most time.

Make sure you enter your name and your instructor's name in each tutorial. If you skip these steps, you may not receive credit for completing the tutorials.

General Resources

If you are ready to jump right in, here are the main places to start:

  • Research@UWW - Find "Everything" (articles, books, & more)
    This discovery tool searches multiple resources simultaneously (articles from many disciplines, books, ebooks, videos, digital resources, government documents, etc.), or you can change from searching "Everything" to only "Articles" or just our local resources (not articles), i.e., UWW's books, media, government documents, and more.
  • A-Z Databases List
    Online research databases available through the Library. Search these resources to find articles and other information on your topic, primarily in journals, magazines, and newspapers. Databases are available via the alphabetical listing, or sorted by broad subject area using the drop-down menus at the top.
  • Google Scholar
    Google Scholar can help you find both books and articles, but if you use Google Scholar from off campus, configure the settings to use Andersen Library's full text subscription access.
  • Journals
    Use this search to find out whether the Library owns a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper, as well as the dates and formats available. Search by periodical title, as opposed to article title.

In-Class Activities

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