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HEALTHED 475: Health Promotion Programming: Find Books, Ebooks, Media, & More

Search for Books, Media, & More @ UWW

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Use this box to quickly search Research@UWW for books, media, and more at UW-Whitewater.

Search Tips

Phrase Searching: Use " " quotation marks around common phrases or concepts.

  •  "English language learners"


  • diversity AND education

Truncation / Wild Card! Add an asterisk * to the root of a word to search additional forms of the word. (Some databases use a question mark.)

  • ELL*    (This will search both ELL and ELL's) 
  • child*  (This will search child, children, childhood, childish, and so forth.)
  • "young adult*"  (You may use a wild card within a phrase.)


  • emotional OR behavioral
  • "young adult*" OR teen*
  • ELL OR "English Language Learner"

Combinations: Use parenthesis to nest similar terms

  • (emotional OR behavioral) AND disorders
  • ("young adult*" OR teen*) AND "learning disabilities"