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Sport & Recreation Management

Databases for Sport & Recreation Event Management

Event management draws expertise from numerous disciplines, such as business, marketing, communications, and athletics. Choose a subject-area database for articles from a specific perspective, or chose a general database such as Research@UWW or Academic Search Complete for a variety of angles.

The following are a few suggested terms for starting your search.

  • Events planning
  • Risk management
  • Pay for play
  • Parks & recreation areas
  • Recreation
  • Sport administration
  • Sports agents
  • Sport management
  • Sports facilities
  • Sports marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Title IX
  • Volunteer* (volunteer, volunteerism)

Find the Full Text

Option 1:

To access the full text of an article, tap Download PDF, View Online,  or Online Access; or tap  Find It button to determine whether UW-W Library patrons have access to it via a different database or inter-library loan (ILLiad). Here's how:

watch a brief tutorialHow to Use Find It: Step by Step

Option 2:

Use the Journals search to find out whether we have access to a particular journal or magazine:

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Option 3:

If you know the DOI

Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID

Using Google Scholar?

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If you are a Google Scholar user, tap here for instructions for setting up your browser to link to UW-W full text articles using the Find It feature.