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Entrepreneurship: News & Articles

This guide contains resources for entrepreneurs and students in entrepreneurship classes. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.

What Information Should I Look For?

Reading some business articles in your area of interest is a great way to start getting information on the general outlook and conditions in your field of interest. 

Generally, articles will fall into one of three categories.  Each one has different audiences and purposes:

  Intended audience Types of content Example
News articles General public Shorter articles
Features, current events, new trends
Written by journalists
Wall Street Journal
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee Business Journal
Trade journals Practitioners in a field Mid-length articles
Industry-specific info
Usually hands-on, practical, on-the-ground
Written by a practitioner in the field
Minority Business Entrepreneur
Restaurant Startup & Growth
NYSE Magazine
Scholarly journals Scholars, some practitioners Longer articles
Specific/niche topics 
Report on original research or new theory
Peer-reviewed by other scholar-experts prior to publication
Business Journal for Entrepreneurs
Journal of Food Science
Journal of Information Technology

Consider these differences when searching for articles.  Each may provide you with different useful information.  In any of the databases below, you can limit to any one of the types.  

Scholarly and Trade Journal Databases

Current News

Tips for Effective Searching

The above databases have more than just scholarly articles for your school research papers! You can find all kinds of information on a specific company or industry, particularly in the trade journals.

Try searching for your industry with some keywords related to what you want to know.  For example: 

"craft beer" AND competitors

"mobile app*" AND marketing

Other keywords: 

Competitors Competition Marketing Advertising
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
SWOT analysis Financing Financials Market segmentation
Costs Pricing Market share Target market

You can also use a tool called truncation to make your searching more efficient.  Many of the possible keywords above have many variations of the word.  So, instead of searching finance, finances, financial, financing... and all other variations separately, search for financ* -- the asterisk tells the database, find any possible endings of this root word after the C.  (Some databases may use the ? or another symbol, but most use the asterisk -- look for a Help screen if you're not sure.)  Some more examples: 

Market* = finds market, markets, marketing...

Analy* = finds analysis, analyses, analyze, analyzed....