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National History Day: Primary Sources

Research Before Your Visit

The resources listed below are available either through Badgerlink or for free, and are good places to begin your research before your library visit. Additional primary and secondary resources will be available to you when you visit Andersen Library. 

Preview primary source database titles available at Andersen Library. (Full access will be available during your library visit.)

What are Primary Sources?

Primary Sources can be many things as the list above suggests. Many websites called digital collections or digital archives contain primary sources.

Primary Sources in Databases

History Reference Center may include a search limiter for primary source materials or other publication types that may be primary sources. Look carefully in the advanced search features of databases to take advantage of these features.

You still need to be the final judge! Is the document you select truly a primary source? If you aren't sure, review the information in the What Are Primary Sources? information box on the left side of this page, or ask a teacher or librarian for assistance.