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Philosophy 281: Social Philosophy: Books

An online course guide of resources for students taking Philosophy 281.

Library Books

Below is a list of general books about social philosophy. Clicking on the book will take you to the catalog to check the availability of a book, or to the library database to read the book online.

For books on specific social issues, search Research@UWW for your issue. For the most recent publications on your topic, sort your search results by date instead of relevance.

Hints for Using Research@UWW

Hints for keyword searching in Research@UWW:

  • To search for a phrase, place your words in quotes (" ").A phrase is any two or more words next to each other.
    For example: "united states"; "Salt Lake City"
  • Use the truncation symbol (*) to get alternate endings to words
    For example: imperial* = imperial, imperialism, imperialist 
  • Think of synonyms or other ways to say the same thing or to convey the same or similar ideas
    For example: corruption; fraud; profiteer  
  • Link the synonyms together with the word OR (this expands your search)
    For example: corruption OR profiteer*
  • Try Advanced Search to limit your search by language, publication date, other UW system libraries, and more options.
  • Use the  button if the article you want isn’t full text in the database you are searching. 

Borrowing Materials from Other Libraries

If Andersen Library does not have the item you need, the Library can usually borrow the item for you from another library. The lending service you use depends upon the resource you wish to borrow. For assistance, please contact a reference librarian.

  • UW Request (available through Research@UWW)
    Use to borrow materials such as books, videos, and government documents--if not available at Andersen Library--from other UW System Libraries.
    • Cannot use to borrow non-circulating items (such as reference books) or articles from periodicals.
    • UW Request is free!
    • Items ordered generally arrive within 2-5 weekdays.

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)
    Use to borrow articles from newspapers, journals, and magazines not available at Andersen Library. Also use to borrow books and other materials if not available at Andersen Library or through UW Request.
    • Non-circulating items cannot be borrowed.
    • Interlibrary Loan is free!
    • Approximate turnaround time is 2-4 weekdays for articles and 5-7 weekdays for most other items.