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CIGENRL 320: Second Language Acquisition : Search Effectively

Search Tips

Here are some search tips to remember when searching the databases.

1. Be sure to mark the "peer reviewed" or "scholarly" limit when searching for peer reviewed articles.

2. Use quotation marks around concepts that are phrases.

"language acquisition"

"English as a Second Language"

3. Use the word "AND" between different concepts.

pronunciation AND accent* AND "language acquisition"

4. Use the word "OR" between similar concepts.

ESL OR "English as a Second Language"

"English language learners" OR "Limited English-proficient students" OR ELL

5. A common wildcard or truncation symbol in the databases is the asterisk symbol *. Using this will allow you to search for various forms of the word in one step. 

strateg* will find strategy, strategies, strategize, strategic....

6. Use the connector NOT to eliminate words in your search.

children NOT infants