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CIGENRL 320: Second Language Acquisition : Find Articles

Find the Full Text

When the full text of an article is not immediately available in the database you are searching, you have three options:

1. Tap the  Find It button button or link to locate it or be directed to a Request form.

watch a brief tutorialHow to Use Find It: Step by Step 

2. Install the LibKey Nomad tool to more seamlessly connect to articles found in databases, Google Scholar, and elsewhere. You only have to do this once. Tap here for instructions or view the video:

play video button How to Install and Use LibKey Nomad

3. If Andersen Library does not have access to a book, journal or article, request it via ILLiad (Inter-library Loan).

Research Databases for Education-Related Topics

While Research@UWW is a good starting point for finding articles, using education databases will provide fewer, but more focused results.

Below are some suggested databases to search for locating journal articles to get you started on your assignment.  Visit A-Z Databases for a complete list. 

Connect Google Scholar

If you feel you must surf the web for your research, use Google Scholar to set up scholarly resources on your topic. Use the instructions below to customize Google Scholar so it will connect you to many of Andersen Library's scholarly subscriptions.


Connect Google Scholar: Tutorial