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Communication Sciences & Disorders 272: Phonetics

Regional American English in the News & Popular Culture

Use a news database such as ProQuest Newsstand and search for the dialect/accent/region using the suggested terms to get started. Many of these dialects may not have a specific or consistent name, so you will need to consider. Here are a few examples:What does news media have to say about American English dialects, accents and other regional differences? Magazines and newspapers, both in print and online, and their associated blogs, are examples of news media.

  • Appalachia*
  • "Latino English" OR "Chicano English" OR "Hispanic English"
  • "New Yorkese" OR "New York City" dialect
  • Southern vernacular, Southern accents language  (Do not use quotation marks)Proquest limiters
  • "African American English "
  • "Black English"
  • "Cajun Vernacular English" 

Too Many Results? 

Experiment with adding one or more of the following terms to narrow your search:

  • perception*  (Use the asterisk* wildcard to find both the singular and plural form)
  • stereotype*
  • education
  • "United States" (Use quotation marks for the exact phrase)
  • linguistics
  • language 
  • vernacular
  • dialect
  • accent*  
  • speech

Not Enough Focus? 

When using a database, narrow your search using the Subject and Source Type limiters on the search results page. Be sure to click More Options.