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HELEAD: Higher Education Leadership Research: Identify Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer-reviewed Articles

print-based information Peer-Reviewed vs. Trade Journals vs. Popular Articles: What's the difference? (graphic)

play video button Identifying Types of Articles: Explained (video)

 Peer Review in Three Minutes: What is peer review? (video)

 refereed Ulrichsweb: How can I identify whether a journal is peer-reviewed? Search for a magazine or journal by title. If it is identified with a referee shirt, it is a refereed publication, and most articles in the publication will be peer reviewed.

What is Peer Review? (from NCSU Libraries)

Is it Peer Reviewed?

A scholarly journal that uses the peer review process before publishing articles is described as a refereed journal. 

An article that has undergone scrutiny of other scholars and researchers is described as a peer-reviewed article.

Many databases provide a search limiter that help you eliminate publications such as magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. Look for a limiter option such as this:

When searching for articles using Google Scholar, however, you need to ascertain that a journal is refereed. Use the tools on this page, such as Ulrichsweb to help you identify this information.