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Film Studies: Screenwriting

Books Available at the Andersen Library

Books Available Through UW Request from other UW System Libraries

The following texts are not available at the Andersen Library. Visit the Research@UWW link below to search for and borrow the following texts for free from other UW libraries using UW Request.

  • Analysing the screenplay edited by Jill Nelmes
  • Fade in: The screenwriting process by Robert A. Berman
  • Horror screenwriting: The nature of fear by Devin Watson
  • Movies that move us: Screenwriting and the power of the protagonist's journey by Craig Batty
  • Psychology of Screenwriting: Theory and practice by Jason Lee
  • Screenwriting: History, theory and practice by Steven Maras
  • Storytelling in Film and television by Kristin Thompson
  • What Happens Next: A history of American screenwriting by Marc Norman
  • Writing for Film: The vasics of screenwriting by Darsie Bowden