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Installing Zotero Standalone

Download Zotero Standalone

  • Click on Download.
    Zotero homepage
  • The Zotero website automatically detects the OS you are using, displays that OS on the page, and routes you to the correct Zotero Standalone download. 
  • Also, download and install the browser connector for the browser you are currently using.
    Zotero connector plugin
    If you want to use Zotero with multiple browsers you will need to return to this page with each browser. Zotero works with Firefox and Chrome.
  • The Zotero Standalone download automatically includes the word processor plugins.  Zotero works with
    • Microsoft Word
    • LibreOffice
    • NeoOffice


Next Steps

  • You can now access Zotero on your desktop by opening the Zotero application.