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Zotero Groups

Zotero's Groups feature allows you to share references with other Zotero users online. It's a great way to work on collaborative research projects.

  • Set up Zotero sync and synchronize your library.
  • Create or Join a shared Zotero library
  • To create a shared Zotero library, click the New Library button near the top left of your Zotero window. You can also create a group library through your Zotero account on the web.
    • Groups may be public (searchable, and anyone can join) or private (users can only join if invited).

New Library button in the top left corner 

  • You now have two sections in your Zotero collections panel: My Library and Group Libraries.
  • To join an existing Zotero library, search for it at or be invited by the group’s owner.
  • You must log in to the website to create or join a group.


  • Personal and group libraries have entirely separate contents, and changes made to items in one library do not affect the other. You can drag an item from one library to another to place a copy of that item in the second library.

Note: A group library's storage space on the Zotero servers comes from the group owner's storage space.


The content on this page has been adapted from Jason Puckett's Zotero Research Guide at Georgia State University.