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CIGENRL 725: Curriculum Development and Integration (online): Citing Sources

Writers' Manuals: APA

Go to the source for accurate style information. Copies are available online, in Reference, and in the Main Collection. Stop at the Reference Desk for assistance.

Citations in APA

Many databases offer a "Cite" tool. Use these a starting point for building your References page; however, as these are often inaccurate, verify provided citations by checking them against a writers' manual or style guide.

Video Tutorial Playlist: APA Citation Style (7th Edition)

These short videos each address one aspect of citation.

APA 7th Edition playlist


Avoiding Plagiarism

1. Be familiar with UW-System and UWW policies regarding academic misconduct:

2. Keep track of all sources that you use while gathering resources, including print and online. Consider using Citation Management Software such as EndNote Web, Zotero, or other online tools for assistance.

3. Review writing techniques for referencing others' ideas in your writing, while giving due credit:

4. Make an appointment with the tutors at the UW-Whitewater Writing Center / Campus Tutorial Services or sign up for a workshop. Cybertutoring is available for distance students.

Organizing References Using Citation Management Tools

You may be familiar with online citation generators such as or Son of Citation Machine. Using citation management software such as EndNote Web or Zotero, you can do much more, such as managing citations and references from any number of databases in one place. In addition, you can:

  • Quickly add references to your collection while you search databases in Web of Science, EBSCOhost, and others.
  • Organize references in folders for online access and use at any time.
  • Create formatted reference lists in a variety of publishing styles.
  • Share reference collections and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Use Cite While You Write (CWYW: EndNote) or similar plugins to automatically add citations and references while you write in Microsoft Word and other word processing programs.

Andersen Library currently provides assistance with the following two citation managers, EndNote Web and Zotero, which are recommended especially for students in upper level courses requiring literature reviews or the collection of numerous references: