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EndNote Basic

Cite While You Write

Cite While You Write (CWYW) is Endnote's plug-in for Microsoft Word. It helps you to create bibliographies seamlessly as you write.

  1. Download it from within the Endnote Web page > Format menu > Cite While You Write Plug-Inscreenshot of Endnote's Format menu -- Cite While You Write Plug-in 
  2. Open Microsoft Word. Look for the Endnote tab in the top ribbon (see image below). 
  3. In your Word document, put the cursor where you want a citation to be inserted. Click the button for Insert Citations
    Microsoft word tab for Endnote, showing the Insert Citation button
  4. In the Find box that pops up, search for one word from the title or author of your source: 

  5. Select the correct source, then click Insert
    example of citation inserted in Microsoft Word from Endnote
  6. Verify that the citation is correct. If something is incorrect, do NOT edit it by simply typing in the Word document. Endnote will try to change it back to the (incorrect) version, to match what it has in its database. Instead, click on Edit Citation(s) in the top ribbon.
    Microsoft word tab for Endnote, showing the Insert Citation button
  7. In this box: 
    Endnote's Edit & Manage Citations box
    Click on Edit References to go to this citation in Endnote Web. Edit the citation details there (as you may have already done in the Verify Your Citations step). Then, all future uses of this citation will be correct
    You can edit any in-text citation details here, however, such as adding page numbers.