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EndNote Basic

Exporting Citations to EndNote Basic

Depending on your internet browser, importing from databases may vary slightly. These examples show the steps to take if you are using Google ChromeInternet Explorer, and Firefox.

1. As you search in your EBSCOhost database, save each article by clicking on the Add to folder icon located to the right of each record (see arrow).

Ebsco search page, showing how to add items to a folder

2. When you have collected all the items you want, in the top bar, click on Folder (see circle)

3. Check the "Select / deselect all" box in the top-left corner of the citation list.

(You can also do the following steps from within each individual article's record, but it's usually more efficient to add many items to a folder as you search and then export multiple records at once.)

4. In the right sidebar of the individual item or folder, click on Export.

Ebsco's export button

5. Under "Save citations to a file formatted for", select Direct Export to EndNote Web. Click the Save button. 

Individual items: 

Ebsco's page saying Save Citations to a file formatted for... Endnote Web

or, if you placed multiple items in a folder, you might find it helpful to check "Remove these items from folder after saving" so that you avoid duplicates.

Ebsco's export manager for multiple items 

6. Log in to Endnote, if needed.

If successful, you should then see:

Ebsco Import REsults 3 message  Be sure to verify that the citations imported correctly.



If the above doesn't work:

5. Under "Save citations to a file formatted for", select Direct Export in RIS format. Click the Save button. 

6. Go into Endnote Web. Under Collect, click on Import References.

Endnote's Import References page

7. Browse to the RIS file you saved in step 5. Be sure to select RefMan (RIS) as your Import Option, and select a group where you would like your reference saved.

If successful, you should then see: 

Endnote's message: 1 references were imported into (Unfiled) Be sure to verify that the citations imported correctly.