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EndNote Basic

Creating and Sharing Groups

If you need additional help on working with folders (groups), see the Organize References section in the EndNote Web Guides.


Create personal groups/foldersscreenshot of the Manage My Groups page, showing the New Group button

  1. Click the Organize tab which will display the Manage My Groups page. (see underline)
  2. Click the New Group button in the My Groups table. (see circle)
  3. Enter a name in the textbox provided.
  4. Click the OK button.

Groups can be visible to only you (so they function simply as organizational folders).

You can also share your groups with anyone that has an EndNote online account. 


Sharing or Unsharing Groups

  1. Click the Manage Sharing button.
  2. Click the Start Sharing This Group link.
  3. Enter one or more e-mail addresses separating each address by pressing the Enter or Return key. NOTE: You must use the same email address that the person used to create their own EndNote account.
  4. Select the Read only or Read & Write access option.
  5. Click the Apply button.

For more instructions regarding sharing, visit the EndNote Basic Help page.


Settings on Groups Shared with You

  1. Go to Others' Groups under the Organize section to see any groups shared with you
  2. Select or un-select the Show box, and the Use for Cite While you Write boxes, if you do or do not want to see and cite from this collection
    Endnote Others' Groups shared with me


Next, you probably want to start importing references