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How to Use Find It and the Journals Search: Find It

How to Use Find It-VIdeo

To discover how to use Find It, either watch this video or read the instructions below.

How to use Find It

Find It button

The Find It button or link appears in most UW-W subscription databases. It is the key to finding the full text of articles that are not in that database.

  1. After a successful search in an online database, a list of citations appears. Sometimes this list includes links to the full text
  2. If there is no full text for an article, the Find It button button may appear, either on the list of records or in the item record. Not all databases that have the Find It functionality use this button; however, some use a Find It, Searching for Full Text or Check Local Holdings link. Other databases, such as those from Sage Journals, and ScienceDirect do not support this function, so there is no button or link. In these cases, use the Journals Search to search for the periodical, then search for the article in that periodical.
  3. If available you see the Find It button button or text, select it to view holdings details in Research@UWW
  4. In the View Online section look for and select a database name after “Full Text Available At”
  5. If no database is listed, scroll down to the Get It area, which indicates whether there are physical copies in the UWW libraries:
    • If dates are shown for your library, scan to see if the date you need is physically there. If so, you can retrieve the periodical from the location listed. Page through it to your article
    • If the article you want is not physically in your library, click on "We can get it for you! (Document Delivery/ILLiad),” sign in, and select “Submit Request.” Articles take 2-5 weekdays to arrive in “My Account” as PDFs

What to Do when Find It Isn't There

If you are not in a database that supports the Find It feature, use the Journals Search to locate the journal you want.

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