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Library Instruction: Session Content

The Librarian Can Also Cover

Librarians can cover any of the following competencies* as well as resources and services based on your request.

  • Identify and articulate needs which require information solutions.
  • Identify and select appropriate information sources.
  • Formulate and efficiently execute search queries appropriate for the information resource.
  • Interpret and analyze search results and select relevant sources.
  • Locate and retrieve relevant sources in a variety of formats from the global information environment.
  • Critically evaluate the information retrieved.
  • Self-assess the information-seeking processes used.
  • Understand the structure of the information environment and the process by which both scholarly and popular information is produced, organized, and disseminated.
  • Understand public policy and the ethical issues affecting the access and use of information.

*Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin

Andersen Library databases and Research@UWW, are regularly covered. The librarian may also introduce websites, print books, and other relevant resources or services you want.