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How to Borrow From Other Libraries: Document Delivery through ILLiad


  • This free service allows distance education (DE) students, graduate students, and faculty/staff to have items from the UWW Libraries’ print collections delivered to them online.
    Note: DE students are defined as students who live over 30 miles away from their campus and who do not come to campus for classes.
    These items include:
    • Periodical articles and book chapters that are only available through the UWW libraries in print--delivered as PDFs
      • Document Delivery of articles and book chapters is done through ILLiad and follows the same instructions as Interlibrary Loan. See the Interlibrary Loan Through ILLiad tab for details.
    • Entire books and other physical items--delivered through the US Postal Service. Items borrowed this way must be returned by the due date either in person or via the US mail. The borrower is responsible for the condition and cost of the item, so insurance is recommended.
      • Document Delivery of physical items is done though Research@UWW. See box A on this page.
  • There are three main ways to access Document Delivery and request an item:
    1. Research@UWW
    2. Databases (Find It)
    3. Libraries' "Services" webpage

A. Research@UWW

After you Search and Sign In, under each item title you may see a note that indicates you will need to get the item from another library.


  • Available at UW-Whitewater... – with one of the two UWW campus libraries listed as having an available copy. Follow the below instructions to get a copy through Document Delivery
  • Available at – with only other campuses’ locations listed. Follow the instruction on the UW Request & Request tab to borrow it from one of them
  • Checked out from – with any UW System library listed. This means is is not available right now. Follow Interlibrary Loan Through ILLiad instructions
  • Use Get It to Request


Request an Item

  1. Select the title of the item you want
  2. Sign in on the yellow bar in the upper right corner if you have not already done so
  3. Look for either an UW Request or a Request link
  4. Select a UW-Whitewater campus library as Pick Up or Delivery Location
  5. In the Notes or Comment field, type in that you are a distance education student, graduates student, or faculty/staff member asking for document delivery and include your home address.
  6. Click on the Submit Request button
  7. Click on Logoff link
  8. Close your browser when you are done

B. Databases (Find It)

In most UWW article databases, if there is no full text available for an item in that database you will see a Find It button button or link for accessing it


Request an Item

  1. Select Find It
  2. Select the title of the item you want
  3. If you see a:
    • UW Request or a Request link, follow the instructions on the UW Request & Request page
    • We Can Get it for You! (Document Delivery/ ILLiad) link, select it and continue with section C #3 on the Document Delivery Through ILLiad tab
  4. Select UW-Whitewater from the menu
  5. Select the Go button and log in
  6. Check to see that required boxes are filled out and add any additional information
  7. Click on the Submit Request button
  8. To log out, click on Logoff link
  9. Close your browser

C. Libraries' Webpages

If you already have a citation for the item you want, you may request the item directly from ILLiad.


  1. Select the My Accounts link at top of any of the libraries’ webpages
  2. Select Logon to ILLiad
  3. Select UW-Whitewater from the menu
  4. Select the Go button
  5. Enter your username (Net-ID/email name) and password
  6. Under New Request select:
    • Article to request a PDF of a periodical article or book section
      • Items will be made available online in about 2-4 weekdays
      • Your item received notification email will include download instructions
      • Print or save documents to your own files
    • Book to request a physical item such as a book or DVD
      • Items arrive at your campus library in about 5-7 weekdays
      • Your item received notification email will include pick up information
      • The lending library's policies determine the checkout period
  7. Fill in the required boxes, plus any additional information you know
  8. Select the Submit Request button
  9. To log out, click on Logoff link
  10. Close your browser

Check on Your Request

Beginning on any Library webpage, click on My Accounts in the header bar and log in to ILLiad, then:

  • To track a request, click on Outstanding Requests
  • To renew an item (if allowed), click on Checked Out Items
  • To view an article, click on Electronically Received Articles

Need Help?

If further assistance is needed, please contact Interlibrary Loan Services at or (262) 472-5524.