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PoliSci/AfriAmr 365: Black Political and Social Thought: Finding Book Reviews

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Finding Book Reviews

Using Book Review Digest (Print Source in Andersen Library)

  1. After finding your author/title in the correct volume, write down the CITATION for each review. For example:
    • B Ent -- v. 22 Jl '92 p.12+ [51-250]
    • Comw -- v. 119 Je 5 '92 p.21+ [500+]
    • New R -- v. 206 Ap 13 '92 p.30+ [500+]
  2. Look in the front of the volume for JOURNAL TITLE CODES. For example:
    • B Ent = Black Enterprise
    • Comw = Commonweal
    • New R = New Republic
  3. Use the Journal Search to learn whether there is access to the full text of the review.

Contact a reference librarian if you need assistance.