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SPECED 476/676 Curriculum, Methods, & Materials for Those With Multiple Disabilities: Professional Books

Class Resource & Assignment Guide for Special Education 476/676 as well as SPECED 761 INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR THE INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM

Professional Titles: Teaching Methods & Strategies

Books provide practical information about instructional design, curriculum development, and evaluation. They often include lesson plans, activities, experiments, ideas for bulletin boards, and similar classroom aids. Most methods books are located in the Main Collection on the 3rd floor. 

Search for books using Research@UWW. Add any of the following to your search term to narrow to 

  • "study and teaching"
  • "activity programs"
  • strategies
  • methods
  • "lesson planning"

screenshot of library search elementary AND music AND "study and teaching" resources


Research@UWW includes both ebooks as well as print versions. Although using Research@UWW is the way to search for ebooks titles on specific subjects, searching within a specific ebooks collection's interface will search the full text to find relevant chapters and sections.