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SPECED 476/676 Curriculum, Methods, & Materials for Those With Multiple Disabilities: Finding K12 Books

Class Resource & Assignment Guide for Special Education 476/676 as well as SPECED 761 INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR THE INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM

Search the Curriculum Collection

Selecting Children's Literature

Looking for award-winning books or books at a specific...

  • grade level?
  • reading level?
  • interest level?

Deciding whether a book is appropriate requires research. These databases will help you by allowing you to search by levels, themes and topics, and more.

Finding Children's Books in Andersen Library (Research@UWW)

Use Research@UWW to find books in the library or other UW System libraries. 

Add any of the following terms or phrases to your keyword (query word) to narrow more quickly to the Curriculum Collection:

  • juvenile
  • picture books
  • "stories in rhyme"

For example, if searching for picture books with cats, type cats picture books in the search box:

search for the words cats picture books

You may find it helpful to use the Location limiter at the left of the results page. Limit results to: 

  • Curriculum Collection Easy Books for fiction and non-fiction, PreK-Grade 4. 
  • Curriculum Collection Fiction for Grades 5 to Young Adult
  • Curriculum Collection Non-Fiction for Grades 5 to Young Adult.

Easy Books location  

To locate the book on the shelf, note the author's name, the entire location, and the call number. 

Children's and young adult (through grade 12) books are located in the Curriculum Collection on the 2nd floor of Andersen Library.

If the Andersen Library collection does not have the title you want, use the Get It to Request link and follow the prompts to borrow it from another UW System library using UW System Borrowing.