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Biology 141: Introductory Biology I: Cite it Right

Cite Your Sources

In Biology journals is it common for each journal to have its own citation style. However, a significant number use APA. If you are citing the sources in a paper you are writing and have been instructed to use APA, the below webpages and documents will help you with your formatting.

APA Style

Whether you choose to quote, summarize, or paraphrase sources in your research paper, you must cite each source you use. For rules and examples, look here:

Want to jump start your list of references? This How to Find Citation Formatters guide may have some tools you can use. The library supports both Zotero and EndNote. We'll even help you set them up on your laptop.

APA Citation Examples


General Internet document (use (n.d.) when there is no publication date)

Mitchell, S. D. (2000). The import of uncertainty. PhilSci Archive. 

Author, A. A. (year, month day). Title of web page (Publication No. XXX). Source or overall website.

Article or Report

Herbst-Damm, K. L., & Kulik, J. A. (2005). Volunteer support, marital status, and the survival times of terminally ill patients. Health Psychology, 24(2), 225-229.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year). Title of article in non-italics: Capital letter also for subtitle. Journal Title in Italics, volume#(issue#), pg#-pg#.