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Health Education and Promotion: Conducting Literature Reviews


  1. Annotated Bibliographies - Document the literature research process and selection decisions.
  2. Literature Reviews - Recognize the purpose and structure of a literature review.
  3. Advanced Search Strategies - Review advanced search techniques that accomplished researchers regularly use.
  4. Literature Review Matrix - Opens in Google Docs. This is just one suggested tool for organizing literature.

Refereed Journals in Health Promotion *

"Refereed journals" are journals that use a peer-review process for vetting articles before accepting them for publication. 

Many journals offer an online archive of past articles. Often, however, more recent editions may be available only to subscribers or only for a fee. Students and faculty of UWW have access to many of these journals and articles both in print and online through our many journal databases. Using the Andersen Library Journal search tab, you can find out whether UWW Andersen Library subscribes to additional print or online journals you need.

Below are samples of refereed journals related to health promotion, with full-text available to UWW faculty and students.

Peer-reviewed Articles

print-based informationPeer-Reviewed vs. Trade Journals vs. Popular Articles: What's the difference?

Peer Review in Three Minutes: What is peer review? (video)

 refereedUlrichsweb: How can I identify whether a journal is peer-reviewed? Search for a magazine or journal by title. If it is identified with a referee shirt, it is a refereed publication, and most articles in the publication will be peer reviewed.