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Political Science 330 Public Policy Analysis: Congressional Content in ProQuest Congressional database

An online course guide for researching government programs as part of policy analysis for POLISCI 330

Congressional Content in ProQuest Congressional for UWW

Committee Rosters and General Information Current Congress
Committee Schedules 1996 to current
Published Hearings Abstracts and Indexing 1970 to current
Selected Testimony Transcripts and Submitted Statements 1988 to current
Committee Prints Abstracts and Indexing 1970 to current
Committee Prints Selected Full Text 1993-2004
Committee Reports Abstracts and Indexing 1970 to current
Committee Reports Full Text 1990 (partial) to current
House and Senate Documents Full Text 1995 to current (most, but not all, are available)
Congressional Record 1985 to current
GAO Reports Abstracts and Indexing, with links to PDFs 2004 to current
Bill Text and tracking 1989 to current
Public Laws 1988 to current
U.S. Code current version only
Legislative Histories, Complete, All Public Laws 1999 to current
Legislative Histories, Complete, Major Public Laws Only 1984-1998
Legislative Histories, Abbreviated, All Public Laws 1969-1983
Code of Federal Regulations 1981 to current
Federal Register 1980 to current

Information about members of Congress

Campaign Contributions from Individuals and PACs 1987 to current
Campaign Financial Data 1989 to current
Key Votes in Congress 1987 to current
Member Financial Disclosures 1991 to current
Member Information current only
Profiling of Congressional Membership current only
Voting Records in Congress 1988 to current