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Marketing 311: Principles of Marketing: Business School Competitors

An online course guide for use with Marketing 311

Completing Your Assignment

This page contains some information and recommended resources for completing your business school competitors assignment. This is not the only way to do this assignment. Be creative and feel free to use other sources as well!

Business School Competitors

  1. Identify universities in the Illinois/Wisconsin area that have a business school comparable to the business school at UWW. I just did a quick Google search for business schools in Wisconsin and found this site: Take a look at that site and see if any of the schools seem comparable to UWW. Of course, you can also consider the other University of Wisconsin schools as “competitors.”

  2. After you’ve identified your schools, you’ll want to visit the websites for each one. You can try a general search for enrollment on the university website and you should be able to find a page that says how many students attend that school. Usually this page will have several years of information. Sometimes this page will break down enrollment by school (i.e. the business school). However, if it doesn’t, check out the webpage for the business school specifically. Here’s an example of such a page for UW-Madison’s School of Business: If you still can’t find any enrollment information, just contact them and explain that you’re working on an assignment and would like to know how many students are enrolled in the business school specifically.

  3. You can search for tuition the same way as enrollment. That should all be available on the university’s website.

  4. Rankings will usually be listed on the university’s website or the site for the specific school. For example, here’s ranking information UW-Madison’s School of Business: