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Theatre 272: Theatre History II: Images

Image Repositories

Children's and Other Books

The Curriculum Collection (PreK-12) has many books with photographs and illustrations. But many other books in the Library are likely to have images, illustrations or photographs. To search for books in the any of the Library's collections, use Research@UWW.

Here are some sample searches. The * symbol will allow you to truncate a word and find any word ending that start with that root. The parentheses will allow you to group similar terms together, using "or" and then combine them with other terms, using "and." Quotation marks will allow you to search for specific phrases.

After doing the search, you can use the Resource Type and Location facets on the left sidebar to limit to specific types of material or locations (you may have to scroll down a bit to see the Locations facet).

About Creative Commons

Creative CommonsThe Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing of images and other works by their creators. The Creative Commons allows creators to set the copyright conditions of their choice, including placing them in the public domain. A work may be used as long as the terms of the license that governs it is followed. See the Creative Commons Frequently Asked Questions page for details.

About Public Domain

When looking for images that can be used freely, finding works that are in the public domain is very helpful as they can be freely used without seeking permission or paying royalties. Public domain is a term that applies to intellectual property that is not protected by copyright, either because the copyright term has expired or because the work was never under copyright protection. The United States Copyright Office states that "works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former copyright owner."  However, it is useful to cite or attribute the work, just as with any copyrighted work.