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Preparing for the Research@UWW Upgrade

About this guide

A new version of Research@UWW has launched on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Although we have worked to minimize the impact of the upgrade, any saved searches you have in Research@UWW will not transfer to the new version, and the URLs for Research@UWW records will change. This guide will show you how to prepare for the upgrade.

You will need to complete steps 1-4 using the OLD Research@UWW interfaceYou should start step 5 from the library home page.

Recreating your saved searches

If you have any saved searches in Research@UWW, you will lose access to them when the new version of Research@UWW is released on Thursday, May 20. To view your existing saved searches:

  1. Sign in to your Research@UWW account using the OLD interface. Select Sign in in the upper right corner.
    sign in

  2. Select the pushpin next to your name to go to your favorites.

  3. Then, select Saved Searches.
    shows saved searches

  4. If you want to keep any of your searches, review their search terms, scope, and active filters, and document them in a way that works well for you (e.g., copying and pasting the text into an email, printing the page, or saving a screenshot).
    highlights of details of search

  5. For any searches that you want to keep, recreate them in the upgraded Research@UWW. Sign in to your account, repeat the search and apply filters, then select Save query.


Tip: Sometimes it can be confusing to tell which version of Research@UWW you are using. The old interface has a banner that refers you to the new search interface. It looks like this:

Banner at top says Preview our New Search@UW environment