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Artificial Intelligence in Libraries: Home

A Guide to help academic librarians understand AI, why it's important to academic libraries, where AI is now in libraries and where it is going. Plus guides to how to start implementing AI in your library!.

Welcome to the AI in Academic Libraries Resource Guide!

This LibGuide serves as a place to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and its implementation in Academic Libraries.

As you scroll down the page the information is organized thus:

  1. Learning AI Basics
  2. AI in Academic Libraries 
  3. How to form an AI team/initiative
  4. Algorithmic Bias


Learn About AI: AI CrashCourse series

In 20 episodes, Jabril will teach you about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! This course is based on a university-level curriculum.

Full playlist lasts 4 hours, 17 minutes.

AI in Libraries: Journal and Online Articles

AI Team Building

Learn about AI: Intro to AI books

Examples of AI Currently in Use at Academic Libraries

Algorithmic Bias in AI