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PreK-12 E-Books and Related Resources for Virtual Learning: TumbleBooks Information for Instructors

UW-W Libraries currently subscribe to numerous higher education and academic e-book platforms. This supplements those with access to selections for younger readers.

For Instructors

Dear Teacher/Librarian:

You can now create a personalized link to any book on TumbleBooks' website!

These book links can be used on your website, shared by email, social media, and within your remote learning platforms like Google Classroom!

It is really simple!

First, log in to your subscription.

In the blue nav bar below the site header you’ll see options for “Home” / “Index” / “My Favorites” / “Playlist” / etc…

Click on “INDEX”.

The index lists all of our titles in our collection, and you can sort it by Title, Author, Type, or AR number if you wish! You can also jump to a specific letter of the alphabet by clicking on the letters in the “Jump to” line.

On the top left of the index header, you’ll see “BookID”. Each title in the collection is assigned a unique number which, like your username and password, is a necessary portion of the Direct link.

Click on the BookID number beside the book you want, and the line will expand to show your specific URL for that book.

Highlight the URL and press CTRL + C to copy it. Then, press CTRL + V to paste it into your website management tool.

When users click on the a book link, they can read the book, take a quiz, and more. The rest of the site is also available to them if they wish to browse. (Note that these links will not work on mobile phones at this time; however, it will still log you into the collection).

We encourage you to use these links however you see fit, and especially for your distance learning initiatives. They will work in remote learning platforms like Google Classroom and others.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Happy Tumbling!