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Faculty & Staff Resources: Borrow from Other Libraries

Borrowing Materials from Other Libraries

If the UWW library you use does not have the item you need, or if it has already been checked out by someone else, current UWW faculty, staff, and students can usually borrow it from another library. Which lending service to use depends upon the resource you wish to borrow. For assistance, please contact a reference librarian.

  • UW Request - free
    Use to borrow "returnable" materials such as books, videos, and government documents--if not available at your UWW library--from other UW System libraries. It cannot be used to borrow non-circulating items (such as reference books or items on reserve) or articles from periodicals. UW Request is a free service and items ordered generally arrive within 2-5 weekdays. For more information, and for instructions on use, go to our How to Borrow From Other Libraries: UW Request webpage.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) - free
    Use to request scanned copies of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers not available at your UWW library. Also use to borrow books and other materials that are not available at your UWW library or through UW Request. Non-circulating items (such as reference books or items on reserve) cannot be borrowed. This service is also free. Approximate turnaround time is 2-4 weekdays for articles; 5-7 weekdays for most other items. For more information, and for instructions on use, go to the Interlibrary Loan service web page.

How? Check out the How to Borrow From Other Libraries guide.

Video Tutorial: Search for and request "Books, Media & more" from other UW Libraries

This video shows how to use Research@UWW to search all UW campus libraries' catalogs simultaneously and place requests to have books, videos, or government documents sent to Andersen Library's Circulation Desk or Lenox Library's service desk. Requested materials arrive in 2-5 weekdays. You must be signed in (with your UWW Net-ID) to place requests; this UW Request service is free but available only for currentl UWW students, faculty, and staff.


Jing tutorial on using UW Requiest through Research@UWW